Since 2004, Alin Crihan has been quietly crafting his skills in the fields of production and dj-ing. 
A turning point came in 2009 when he moved to Bucharest, where he continues to grow and evolve into deeper and more experimental territories. Debut releases came in early 2015 on labels such as Naural and Ultrastretch.
Behind the decks you can sometimes catch him playing in lineups that include Petre Inspirescu, Raresh or Rhadoo but also warming up for Sammy Dee, Valentino Kanzyiani or Maayan Nidam in various venues from his adoptive Bucharest at clubs like Guesthouse or abroad, like Robert Johnson in Offenbach.



Adrian Niculae, or more covibrating Priku, spins the deck since 2004, starting ’07 he’s been a full time member in the Sunrise family.
This was the point when all the fun got loose alongside Marco Carola, Zip, Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Troy Pierce, Pascal FEOS, Monika Kruse, Tania Vulcano, Cassy, Sascha Funke and of course the bros, cousins and in-laws from the sunrise, meaning the Arpiars, Kozo, El Cezere, Dan Andrei, Praslea … and co.

A remarkably talented young man, constantly handling an addictive to dance on groove, always distinguished at Sunwaves, enjoys all the appreciation of the colleagues and clubbers and he’s convinced into fully bettering his style towards his own productions.
All in all, the end of 2009 brought him his first release, fresh details regarding music, coming soon. By all means, do course him at events in town, he’ll fire your heart and tire your legs. Honour bright.



Sepp has been on the radar for quite a while now and recently things have taken flight for him. After touring extensively these past few years and getting accustomed to many cultures, he’s grown and matured his sound both as a producer and a dancefloor conductor.
Verging on realeasing his first album on UVAR, the label he manages with fellow colleague Nu Zau, he’s also started out his own project, Catren, a lyrical inspired platform that aspires to a more organic and subtle sound than what we’ve come to know and love about him.



Showing up from the deeply creative household of Bucharest , he mastered the electronic scene from the early years of teenage , swapping from techno to house like it was nothing . This diversity is also an important aspect of his sound , that sometimes reaches a perfect fusion between these two electronic universes . Costin is no longer just an usual appearance at the venue and he has made his way up to the big techno show pretty fast , since his popularity outrunned any expectations in the past years , through top label releases like Pleasure Zone and Pressure Traxx , which can also be spotted in the bags of resonating artists like Ricardo Villalobos or Priku . 



DJ, producer, remixer, one of the first electronic music romanian DJs and one of the first artists in the roster of Sunrise Booking Agency. Rhadoo (Radu Cilinca) made his debut as a DJ in 1995. His first gigs consisted of nights at Club A and Studio Martin, Bucharest, Romania. His eccentric style and personality has helped him earn a reputation as a top-class DJ in his native country of Romania. His increasing reputation has landed him gigs at the Love Parade, Berlin (Germany) in 1999 and 2003, East Power – Sankt Petersburg (Russia), and finally leads to a residency at DC10 in Ibiza. His sound goes deep and powerfull, with strong basslines.



His interest in music began at the age of 16, when he started producing underground hip-hop music. This passion for music soon lead him to electronic music, where he quickly learned how to take over the decks and became a sought after DJ in Romania and later, playing at famous clubs and underground parties world wide for more than 10 years.

His creativity is now well known on the market, being a highly respected producer with key values. In 2015 he launched his first record label: Ruere Records pushing it to international bounds.

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