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Here is a beautiful review from our friends                                                                                                                                      news crazy

“Quatrième ep de l’année pour le producteur roumain Faster qui nous mène ne voyage avec une house minimal subtile et mystérieuse, son néo label Ruere en parfait terrain de jeu !

Kick lourd, basses profondes et longues notes prolongées… Forme Personale commence dans une ambiance de film de science-fiction. Faster ne trahit pas son identité musicale et nous propose une minimale sombre et puissante qui ne cesse de monter en intensité au fur et mesure du morceau. Jack raffole de tout ces arrangements légers et bien choisis qui mettent en lumière toute la finesse de composition du garçon.

Presiune ne déroge pas à l’atmosphère ésotérique de l’ep. Avec ces grincements électroniques, ces bruits métalliques en fond et les variations obsédantes de la batterie, Jack s’offre une séance d’hypnose avec le fakir Faster dont il ressort troublé.

Pour cette première sur Ruere Records, son propre label, Faster signe un très bel ep, avec des compositions aussi envoûtantes qu’angoissantes. On en frissonne encore…”


XLR8R  Review

Originally founded in 1993 as a newsprint zine in Seattle, XLR8R (pronounced “accelerator”) has grown into a highly influential publication that strives to Accelerate Music and Culture. Focusing on a wide variety of musical subcultures, XLR8R aims to challenge cultural paradigms and provide their readers with a unique and inspiring experience.

For over 22 years, XLR8R has continued to bring their readership the latest news in genre spanning electronic music while successfully breaking new artists into the scene. Since becoming an exclusively online publication in 2010, XLR8R has focused its energy on bringing their fanbase exclusive podcasts, features and daily downloads from some of electronic music’s most influential artists.

Today they made us a very sweet review on our first release EP.

Check it out!

Premiere: Stream Faster’s Upcoming EP in Full

“The Romanian producer came onto the scene in 2011, and has been part of a wave of new minimal house and techno acts from Bucharest, releasing on imprints like Kurbits, The Rabbit Hole, Hourglass Ltd and Chelsea Hotel Records. His latest release, Presiune, is to be the first release on the newly established Ruere Records. According to the label, it is a product of Faster’s lengthy periods spent with his drum machines, and plunges into “deep hypnotic reverie.”

Ahead of the EP’s November/December release, you can exclusively stream the EP below, while the release can be pre-ordered now via Decks, and Technique.”



4pe4 Review

Our romanian friends from made a great review for our first release and put out wicked news to collaborate.

Check it out!

Midweek Pick for 4pe4

4pe4 made a nice review for our first release.

Check it out!

[RUERE001] Faster – PRESIUNE